Paul Cuffee Students Love the 100th day of the School Year


3rd graders Jessica R. and Luis L. celebrate 100 days of school with M&M rainbows and goldfish aquariums.

The state-mandated 180 days of school is a requirement, but celebrating the 100 day milestone is a cause for jubilation at Paul Cuffee School. Besides being “more than half-way” through the year, the 100th day gives students a chance to brush up on math skills such as skip counting by 10’s, language skills by learning words derived from the root “cent-”, and artistic merit by making hand-made representations of the 100 days.



Average class size: 18
Current enrollment: 807
Annual enrollment growth since 2001: 37%
Faculty with advanced degrees: 67%

What makes this school special is that it reaches beyond books and academics. The emphasis on community and teamwork is amazing.

 Kelly Barr, PCS Staff