Our Teachers and Support Staff

Paul Cuffee School currently employs more than 50 full-time, certified classroom teachers, as well as special educators, counselors, after-school instructors, teaching assistants, and other teaching, health, and administrative staff. We hire highly qualified teachers and staff who:

  • Contribute to our strong school culture of mutual respect
  • Share our commitment to inclusive education
  • Differentiate instruction to engage students of all abilities in learning
  • Consistently facilitate PCS’s high standards for student achievement and behavior

Staff directory

All-School Staff

Contact: 401-453-2626; pcs@paulcuffee.org

Christopher HaskinsHead of School 
Jonathan Conklin, Business Manager
Maria Monteiro, Institutional Advancement Director
Andrea Carrera, Human Resources/Accounting Coordinator
Dulibel Ureña, Communications Associate
Kathleen O’Halloran, Institutional Advancement Associate
Ben Harris, Technology Director
Christina Hawksley, Data Manager
Maria Palmgren, Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Kelly Polak, Technology Coordinator
Don DeCosta, Special Education Director
Dr. Matthew Bowen, Psychologist
Henry Leite, Head of Maintenance
Catherine Edwards, Enrichment Programs Manager
Olinda Matos, Admissions/Family Engagement Coordinator

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Lower School

Contact: 401-453-2626; lowerschool@paulcuffee.org

Wendy Randle, Principal
Sindy De León, Assistant to the Principal
Ana Dias, School Secretary
Tara Sczerbinski, Social Worker
Kathleen Tudino, School Nurse Teacher
Jose Soares, Building Maintenance
Joao Fidalgo, Building Maintenance 

Amy Hill, Kindergarten
Susan Prouty, Kindergarten
Sara Reis, Kindergarten
Brooke Beach, Grade 1
Ruth Doran, Grade 1
Karen Wargo, Grade 1
Mark Fleisher, Grade 2
Robert Pike, Grade 2
Sarah Rich, Grade 2
Jennifer Bifulco, Grade 3
Lauren Galoski, Grade 3
Sherri Poirier, Grade 3
Kelly Barr, Grade 4
Emily Caldarelli, Grade 4
Donna Quinn, Grade 4
Darline Berrios, Grade 5
Kathryn Conley, Grade 5
Jenny Guzmán-Polanco, Grade 5
Amy Burnett, Library/Teaching Partner, Grade 2
Michelle Carden, Visual Arts Instructor
Frances Cruz-Candelario, Integrated Arts Instructor
Megan Madden, Library/Technology
Marlon Mussington, Physical Education

Teaching Partners
Jennifer Batista, Kindergarten
Booth O’Connell, Kindergarten
Lina Lopes, Kindergarten
Julie Bryan, Grade 1
Allison Merrill, Grade 1
Christian Staton, Grade 1
Alison Fournier, Building Substitute
Rose Clapprood, Grade 2
Ivette Maldonado, Grade 3
Jennifer MacDonald, Grade 4
Jeriann Kollie, Grade 5
Amy Sousa, Special Education

Special Services
Becky Bueno, ELL Instructor
Eni Desmond, Language Arts
Lauren Fournier, Title 1 Reading
Stacy Gale, STEM Specialist/Teaching Partner, Grade 4
Ann Hampson, Title 1 Reading, Coordinator
Geanise Love, Special Education/Resource
Leslie McCrea, Special Education/Resource
Becky Melrose, Title 1 Math
Kristen Montag, Speech/Language
Nicola Philp, Reading Specialist
Leanne Nyahkoon, Occupational Therapist
Robin Yabroudy, Special Education/Resource

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Middle School

Contact: 401-453-2711; middleschool@paulcuffee.org

Eric CharlesworthPrincipal
TBD, Assistant to Principal
Leslie Brackett, Director of Wellness Program, SW
Jahelia Olivero, Receptionist/Secretary
Naomi Morey, Library Teaching Partner
Kerry DaCruz, Building Maintenance/Office Help
Antonio Soares, Building Maintenance

Edna Attias, Science, Grade 6
Josie Batista, Humanities, Grade 6
Sandy Leclerc, Math, Grade 6
Jillian Schneider, Science, Grade 7
Kelsey Lucas, Math, Grade 7
Mimi Silk, Humanities, Grade 7
Kathleen Alvarez, Science, Grade 8
Matt Black, Math, Grade 8
Tom Chen, Humanities, Grade 8
Vanessa Levesque, Interim Spanish Teacher
Michaela Mayer, Physical Education
Jaclyn Mellen, Special Education/Resource
Jennifer Thomas, Library/Media Specialist
Victoria Tolbert-Bravo, Spanish Teacher/Dean of Students
Amy Weigand, Visual Arts Instructor

Teaching Partners
Massiel Méndez, Grade 6
Libertad Vargas, Grade 7
Christopher Love, Grade 8
Michelle Colburn, Grade 8, Special Education

Special Services
Michelle Bush, Special Education Coordinator/Teacher
Marissa Colucci, Special Education/Resource
Ben Hall, Title 1 Math
Nicole Morancey, Special Education/Resource
Beth Morris, Special Education/Resource

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Upper School

Contact: 401-781-2727; upperschool@paulcuffee.org

Becky Coustan, Principal
Abraham Henderson, Dean of Student Culture
Gisele Polanco, Social Worker
Deborah Reyes, Assistant to Principal/HS Data Specialist
Leidi Silverio, Receptionist/Secretary
Genevieve Schultz, Academic Dean
Claudia Arroyave, RN, School Nurse
Jennifer Thomas, Library/Media Specialist
Naomi Morey, Library Teaching Partner
Joel Polanco, US Athletic & Enrichment Coordinator
Leonardo Cruz,
Building Maintenance
Narcisco Rodriquez,  Building Maintenance 

Jeff Rackauskas, Math, Grade 9
Sissela Tucker, Science, Grade 9
Aaron Weiser-Woodward, Humanities, Grade 9
Rachel Eggleston, Science, Grade 10
Sean Geoghegan, Math, Grade 10
Jessica Medeiros, Humanities, Grade 10
Thomas Beall, Math, Grade 11
Amamah Sardar, Science, Grade 11
Jeremy Bourget, Humanities, Grade 11
Alan Mitchell, Math, Grade 12
Sybille Pierre, Music Teacher
Megan Thoma, English, Grade 12
Griffin Quirk, History, Grade 12
Jacqlyn Bender, Social Studies Teacher
Carlos Lopes, Building Substitute
Robert Muir, Spanish Teacher
Evelyn Ng Duran, Spanish Teacher
Kelly Stoos, Visual Arts Instructor
Gavin Ward, Physical Education & Health Teacher
Melissa Slaiger, Building Substitute

Teaching Partners
Lloyd Alston, Student Success Teaching Partner
Micah Thompson, Postsecondary Success Teaching Partner
Hilda Sullivan, Grade 9
Lindsey Ravizza, Americorps VISTA for Postsecondary Success
Mason Santos, Grade 10 
Andre Green, Grade 12

Special Services
Danielle Cardi, Special Education/Resource
Cherylee Dumas, Special Education/Resource
Thomas Epstein, Special Education/Resource
Rebecca Horton, Special Education Teacher
Kimberly Maynard, Math Specialist
Alysia D’Urso, Reading Coach/11th Grade Advisor
Ronald Thomas, Student Success Partner

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After-School/Enrichment Staff

Contact: afterschoolclub@paulcuffee.org

Sallyann Wedel, Lower School Enrichment Site Coordinator
Charlayne Osborne, Middle School Enrichment Site Coordinator
Francene Barnes, Lower School
Jeriann Kollie, Lower School
Marie Montenegro, Lower School
Mariely Mujo, Lower School
Adrienne Pontbriand, Lower School
Mark Roberts, Lower School
Estefany Ureña, Lower School
Pierre Touze, Middle School
Mark Williams, Middle School

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