Paul Cuffee Wish List

Following are items identified by our teachers as valuable additions to our classrooms. Any and all contributions are welcomed and appreciated!

Lower School

  • For the Integrated Arts Program and All-School Assemblies

New Yamaha P-115, 88-key digital keyboard – $1,000

  • For the First Grade Classrooms

21 Rocker Chairs to facilitate calming effect on students with multisensory movement needs – $84/chair or $1,764 for all 21

  • For the Visual Arts Room

Replace outdated stackable seating with 22 stools (24”h) to create more art-making elbow room for students as they advance through the grades – $37/stool or $814 total purchase

Middle School

  • Add current titles, nonfiction and culturally inclusive authors to middle school classroom libraries. $50/month – $500/year per class. $4,500

Upper School

  • Subscription to noredink

Renew annual subscription to noredink, an interactive digital writing tool to improve students’ English language usage, grammar, essays and written expression. $5,850 per year includes access for all upper school students. A donation of just $2,500 is needed to complete subscription purchase for 2018/19.

  • Science Resources and Equipment

Provide essential lab equipment, textbooks, and consumables for hands-on learning and experimentation in biology, physics and chemistry classes. $100 – $5,000

  • Purchase 3 microwave ovens for student-use in the cafeteria – $210

  • Transportation and food costs for 12 students to attend the NYC HBCU (HBCU = Historically Black College and University) Fair

New York is the closest venue for this college visit opportunity. $125/student or $1,500 total trip would make this Fair accessible to Paul Cuffee Upper School students for the very first time.

  • Academic Improvement Incentive

To encourage more hours on Khan Academy and reward improvement on PSAT/SAT scores, the Upper School would like to be able to offer a spring tour to competitive New England colleges and universities to twelve students. $200/student or $2,400

  • 8 Potted Plants for the Upper School Library

Purchase 8 plants to teach students about stress reduction through regular plant care and maintenance. $40 per plant includes ceramic pot, fertilizer and soil. A $500 donation would complete this request.