Paul Cuffee Wish List

Following are items identified by our teachers as valuable additions to our classrooms. Any and all contributions are welcomed and appreciated!

Schoolwide Requests

  • For the Library Team – Sponsor Paul Cuffee’s library team to attend this year’s KidLitCon Providence Conference to keep pace with industry trends and learn new strategies and practices for connecting students to culturally inclusive characters and relevant topics in literature. $150 per conference fee or $450 for all three staff to attend.
  • For PCS Administrators – Together Teacher Leadership Training for 12 PCS administrators will streamline communications and help to improve productivity and operating efficiencies across all three buildings. $7,500 includes training + transportation for all 12 staff.

Elementary School

  • For the Integrated Arts Program and All-School Assemblies – New Yamaha P-115, 88-key digital keyboard – $1,000
  • For the First Grade Classrooms – 21 15 Rocker Chairs to facilitate calming effect on students with multi-sensory movement needs – $84/chair or $1,260 for the 15 remaining chairs
  • For the Visual Arts Room – Replace outdated stackable seating with 22 stools (24”h) to create more art-making elbow room for students as they advance through the grades – $37/stool or $814 total purchase
  • For the Conference Room – Replace 15 previously owned, decades-old conference room chairs with comfortable new seating to meet ergonomic and accessibility standards for public meetings.
  • For the Integrated Arts Program – The donation of new or gently used woodwind, brass, string or percussion instruments will make it possible for 360+ K-5 students to make real-life connections to what they are learning in the Orchestra Moves curriculum.

Middle School

  • For Classroom Libraries – Add current titles, nonfiction and culturally inclusive authors to middle school classroom libraries. $50/month – $500/year per class. $4,500

High School

  • Subscription to noredink – Renew annual subscription to noredink, an interactive digital writing tool to improve students’ English language usage, grammar, essays and written expression. $5,850 per year includes access for all high school students. A donation of just $2,500 is needed to complete subscription purchase for 2018/19.
  • Science Resources and Equipment – Provide essential lab equipment, textbooks, and consumables for hands-on learning and experimentation in biology, physics and chemistry classes. $100 – $5,000
  • Purchase 3 microwave ovens for student-use in the cafeteria – $210.
  • Transportation and food costs for 12 students to attend the NYC HBCU (HBCU = Historically Black College and University) Fair – New York is the closest venue for this college visit opportunity. $125/student or $1,500 total trip would make this Fair accessible to Paul Cuffee High School students for the very first time.
  • Academic Improvement Incentive – To encourage more hours on Khan Academy and reward improvement on PSAT/SAT scores, the High School would like to be able to offer a spring tour to competitive New England colleges and universities to twelve students. $200/student or $2,400
  • 8  4 Potted Plants for the High School Library – Purchase 8 4 plants to teach students about stress reduction through regular plant care and maintenance. $40 per plant includes ceramic pot, fertilizer and soil. A $200 donation would complete this request.
  • Color Ink Cartridges – Three or more Canon PG-245 XL High Capacity Black + Canon CL-246 XL Color Ink cartridge sets will make it possible to print on demand the special acknowledgments for Head of School, Scholar’s List, perfect attendance, and other academic, athletic, and community successes. $40 each set or $120.00 for all three.
  • Garden Club Supplies and Equipment – To plan for 2019 activities, the High School Garden Club is seeking the following items:

– Small shed with lock to store garden supplies, tools and equipment.
– 3 shovels (spade head)
– 1 wheel barrow
– Seed starter trays
– Seed starter pots
– 10 pairs of gloves
– 5 trowels
– 3 3-prong cultivators
– 40’ of hose with variable spray nozzle
– 2 buckets
– Full-sun perennial flower, herb and vegetable seeds for attracting birds, bees and butterflies
– 20 Biodegradable paper lawn and refuse bags for recycling weeds
– 2 metal rakes
– 3 hoes
– 5 cape cod weeders
– 2 hand pruners
– 2 garden forks