Cuffee Wish List: Tools to Enhance
Student Learning

Following are items identified by our teachers as valuable additions to our academic and elective classrooms. Any and all contributions are welcomed and appreciated!


  • Texas Instruments ViewScreen Package (allows the teacher to display functions through an overhead projector for the whole class to see)
    Cost: $300
  • Math foam dice
    Cost: $25

Literacy/English Language Arts

  • “Step into Reading” Step 2 and 3 books: As many different titles as possible!
    Cost: $3.99 each at
  • Bilingual books (English/Spanish) for ESL students to keep and use at home: 20-30
    Cost: $8-15 each


  • iTunes gift cards (for e-books and other learning apps)
    Cost: $15-$50 each
  • Laptop computer (for the Lower School; used or refurbished OK)
    Cost: $300 and up
  • Smartboards: 3
    Cost: $1,300 each
  • iPads: 5
    Cost: $350 each

Other Learning Aids

  • Chess sets (new or used): 4
    Cost: $5 and up each
  • CD player
    Cost: $30-40

Physical Education

  • Basketballs: 20
    Cost: $10-$50 each
  • Yoga mats: 20
    Cost: $20-$40 each
  • Clever Catch exercise ball
    Cost: $13
  • Fitnopoly Fitness activity kit
    Cost: $83
  • Skillastics nutrition cards
    Cost: $50-$75
  • Skillastics Fitness and Fitness Xtreme activity kits
    Cost: $200-$260


  • Melissa & Doug easels for painting outside: 10
    Cost: $60 each
  • Sidewalk chalk: 5
    Cost: $5 each


  • Musical instruments in good working condition (new or used)
    Cost:$150 and up, depending on the instrumentWe need: Flutes, piccolos (1-2), oboes (1-2), clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons (1-2), alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones (3-4 of each), trumpets/flugelhorns, French horns, baritones/euphoniums, trombones, tuba/sousaphone, concert snares, marching snares, concert bass drum, cymbals, crash cymbals, timpani, triangle, claves, tambourines, violins, violas, cellos, upright bass, guitars (acoustic or electric), amplifiers for electric guitars, electric keyboards. Please note: We cannot take drum kits or upright pianos/organs.

Classroom Supplies

  • Clipboards: 12
    Cost: $2 each
  • Water bottles: 20
    Cost: $2-5 each
  • Ziplock bags (gallon size): 5
    Cost: $6 each
  • Ziplock bags (snack size): 5
    Cost: $6 each
  • Paper plates: 10 packages
    Cost: $2 each


Please note that costs are approximate and reflect current local or online prices. Web addresses are provided for convenience and do not imply an endorsement or a restriction on where items may be obtained.