Unsung Hero Project Wins National Prize

Left: PCS teachers Ms. McNiff and Ms. Caldarelli share a proud moment with award winners: Issah Pereira, Oscar (Ozzy) Charlesworth, and Whitney Monteiro Cabral. Right: Whitney, Issah, and Ozzy phoned their parents with the great news!

Three Cuffee prodigies spent their fourth grade year researching the Civil Rights Movement and chose the contributions of activist Dion Diamond for their Unsung Hero Discovery Award Project submission in June.

With the help of their teachers, Issah, Ozzy, and Whitney were not only able to interview Mr. Diamond by phone to learn about his non-violent tactics for fighting discrimination, they created their own website to showcase their work for the national Discovery Award competition.

Their submission was selected to receive the $1000 Outstanding Elementary School Project Prize and is now featured on the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes project website.

Take a look at their impressive work and the award announcement here! https://www.lowellmilkencenter.org/competitions/discovery-award/winners/2019