Building Resilience Together

School will be very different this year. A combination of in-person and simultaneous distance learning is going to be our new normal. Remaining flexible, creative, and resilient during these uncertain times requires the unwavering support of our extended community.
To make teaching and learning the best it can possibly be for each and every student, we need help from Paul Cuffee friends like you to grow our monthly donation program. 
    • $10 – $15 a month will help buy a high demand title for a monthly book club.
    • $25 – $50 a month will make it possible to order materials and supplies for a special class project.
    • $100 a month will sponsor the cost of a student’s breakfast and school lunches to eliminate the meal balance burden for a Cuffee family.

There are many creative initiatives with opportunities to give that will make this school year even better than we can imagine.

Please donate online, and choose a monthly amount that you can afford, so that our operating budget can keep pace with the additional technologies, health-safety equipment, and instructional resources our students and teachers need most right now. And if you want to lift someone’s spirits with a gift in their honor, please name a favorite person when you make your donation so that we can pass along your tribute.
Thank you for investing in the health, education and well-being of 800+ K-12 Paul Cuffee students today. Your contributions matter, now more than ever.




“Matt and I are truly more than happy to donate to Paul Cuffee. We are grateful every single day for the incredible opportunity this school has provided for our children. It is difficult for me to put into words, but I just feel they are so professionally and carefully supported, both academically and emotionally, and it has been wonderful. Thank you!”

–Virginia Hopkins, PCS parent

“Our children would not be who they are today had they not attended Paul Cuffee. Thank you!

–Paul and Simone, PCS parents