Helping Students Succeed in School and Beyond

Thanks to your generous contributions, we are able to offer a rich, comprehensive learning experience that challenges the minds and inspires the souls of our children. Your donations support programs in visual and performing arts, sailing, swimming, interscholastic athletics, technology, library resources, field trips, and visiting scholars, among many other enriching activities.

Without your support, our Middle School students would not be able to take trips like the Westport River Day event to test the buoyancy of their hand-made boats; nor would our Upper School students be able to participate in programs such as the Young Actors Summer Institute at Trinity Rep Theatre and the Great Books Summer Program. These and many other programs for all grades depend on your contributions.

“Matt and I are truly more than happy to donate to Paul Cuffee. We are grateful every single day for the incredible opportunity this school has provided for our children. It is difficult for me to put into words, but I just feel they are so professionally and carefully supported, both academically and emotionally, and it has been wonderful. Thank you!”

–Virginia Hopkins, PCS parent

“There are so many reasons I feel grateful that my child attends Cuffee: the value on high achievement, the spirit of community, the sense of caring for each other, certainly. But what really touches me is the sense that the Cuffee staff, from teachers to administrators, really love my child. He feels valued. He feels safe, and happy, and confident at school. He feels like a treasured part of a larger whole. Cuffee has a school song! I want my child to attend a school with a school song. That, to me, represents everything Cuffee is about: feeling proud and happy to be part of a wider community that nonetheless values each individual child.”

–Katie Silberman, PCS parent

Please make a donation today to Paul Cuffee School.