President Nancy Carriuolo Visits Juniors at the Upper School

Rhode Island College President and Admissions Director visits our Upper School

As part of the college preparation program at PCS, Dr. Nancy Carriuolo, the president of Rhode Island College visited with the Junior Class. She immediately connected with the students by sharing her humble background, the lessons she learned during her summer jobs while in college, her early years teaching high school, and her pursuit of graduate study.

“When you give your best, and involve yourself in activities, then people–and potential employers–see you as hard working, active, and energetic.”

The students bombarded her with excellent questions about work ethic and the college which she answered in tandem with John Mclaughlin, the Director of Admission at Rhode Island College.

Dr. Carriuolo concluded her remarks by encouraging the students to not only make the most of college, but to become life-long learners. “Colleges are filled with new opportunities. I had never known theatre or music really before attending college, and now I cannot imagine my life without them. I discovered them in college, and when you are in college, you learn things that you may never have been exposed to before. My hope is that you learn how to be a life-long learner, because that is the best way to live life.”

The visit whetted the appetite for college for many of the students, as they learned that hard work and effort will yield positive results.


Average Class Size: 20
Current Enrollment: 820
Students of Color: 96%
Female Students: 51%
Male Students: 49%
Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility: 82%
Multi-Language Learners: 19%
Students Receiving Special Education Services: 13%
Total Employees: 168
BIPOC: 45%
Female Employees: 75%
Male Employees: 25%