Families as Valued Partners

Research shows that children from families that are regularly and constructively involved in their education achieve higher levels of academic and social competence. At Paul Cuffee School, we strongly believe that parents and schools share equally valued roles in education. We recognize that families dramatically influence the degree to which children are engaged in school and how they identify themselves as learners.

PCS is committed to building strong family–school partnerships that will improve both academic and social outcomes for students. The hallmarks of our family–school partnership include:

  • A commitment to frequent, open, two-way communication between the school and home.
  • A strong and vibrant Parent Caregiver Teacher Association that utilizes a distributed leadership model so that many families can take on leadership roles.
  • Supporting families with information, workshops, school library access, and other resources. We offer books, periodicals, tapes, and brochures on topics relating to parenting, education, and child development, as well as information on fun and educational local destinations.
  • Welcoming and encouraging all families to volunteer by offering multiple opportunities that engage our entire community.
  • An opportunity to help shape and frame the policies and direction of the school by having parents serve on the Board of Trustees and Family–School Partnership Committee.
  • Ensuring that our faculty and staff are prepared to fully engage and work with families as equal partners by offering professional development addressing issues of family engagement.

For more information about the valued role of parents at PCS, please see our 2023-24 Family Handbook (English Version; Spanish Version).


Average Class Size: 20
Current Enrollment: 820
Students of Color: 96%
Female Students: 51%
Male Students: 49%
Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility: 82%
Multi-Language Learners: 19%
Students Receiving Special Education Services: 13%
Total Employees: 168
BIPOC: 45%
Female Employees: 75%
Male Employees: 25%