Ancient Art Form Reminds Students of the Importance of Peace, Wholeness, and Balance

After learning about the history and meaning of mandalas, from the Sanskrit meaning “whole world” or “healing circle”, every member of the upper school community created a small personal symbol of peace and balance.  The Mural Club used these symbols to create large mandala designs during a Paint-a-thon where they committed to painting for 6 hours on May 18th.

Thanks to generous sponsors who donated money for every hour of work, over $300 was raised that will go towards framing and mounting the final pieces which are meant to inspire and remind us of our goal of wholeness, peace, unity, and balance as a community.


Average Class Size: 20
Current Enrollment: 820
Students of Color: 96%
Female Students: 51%
Male Students: 49%
Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility: 82%
Multi-Language Learners: 19%
Students Receiving Special Education Services: 13%
Total Employees: 168
BIPOC: 45%
Female Employees: 75%
Male Employees: 25%