Summer Academies Hone Skills

Over the summer, Cuffee students across grades honed their skills in fun-filled, individualized learning activities through the school’s Summer Academies. Activities ranged from learning numbers and geometric shapes to solving complex algebraic equations.

Lower School students focused on activities that reinforced math and literacy skills in preparation for the NECAP exams. With Book Buddies for reading support, outdoor activity time, and engaging math games, students had fun while learning.

Middle School students studied science, math, and humanities, working on individualized assignments in a structured and supportive environment. Math Boot Camp focused on solidifying students’ understanding of core standards to give them more confidence in tackling their 7th and 8th grade math content.

2013 Rhode Island College Math Camp

PCS upperclassmen celebrate their last day of summer Math Camp with their RIC educators.

More than 20 Upper School math students received rigorous NECAP preparation through the RIC-Paul Cuffee School Summer Camp, taught by Rhode Island College (RIC) math/education students. This unique collaboration received support from John and Leticia Carter, who funded the teachers; RIC, which provided space and faculty time; and the White Foundation, which supports several math initiatives.


Average Class Size: 20
Current Enrollment: 820
Students of Color: 96%
Female Students: 51%
Male Students: 49%
Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility: 82%
Multi-Language Learners: 19%
Students Receiving Special Education Services: 13%
Total Employees: 168
BIPOC: 45%
Female Employees: 75%
Male Employees: 25%