Paul Cuffee Students Embrace the Season of Giving

PCS Junior, Ivette Contreras, donates her first pint of blood to the RI Blood Center.

Over 1,300 items of food in boxes ready to be delivered to the Rhode Island Food Bank

Nowhere was the spirit of Paul Cuffee more evident than during the holiday season where students demonstratedpersonal initiative, perseverance, and social responsibility.”

The holidays were made a bit more bountiful for ten Cuffee families thanks to the food donations brought in by the Lower School students and organized by Social Worker, Tara Sczberinski and Teaching Partner, Rose Clapprood.  Baskets of non-perishable items were gratefully accepted for families’ Thanksgiving dinner tables and the December holidays were made a bit brighter for the families with food donations and $350 in Walmart Gift Cards, funded by Lower School staff’s donations.

In food drives led by 8th grade advisors Katie Alvarez, Matt Black, and 12th grade humanities teacher Megan Thoma, over 1,300 items of food and $120 were collected to “Halt Hunger” and brought to the Rhode Island Food Bank for distribution to those in need over the holidays.

Cindy Elder, director of communications for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, remarked, “The students at Paul Cuffee are bright lights on Rhode Island’s educational horizon. Their teachers are leading the way in developing thoughtful young citizens. All of us at the Food Bank are touched by the students’ inspiring efforts to help others. They are actively learning how hunger affects people in their own community, and they are taking action to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

The greatest gift of all, sharing a life-saving pint of blood, was the Upper School’s goal when Humanities teacher, Megan Thoma and students organized a blood drive. Thirty-six pints of blood were donated by students and staff members.

Ms. Thoma commented, “The group from the RI Blood Center had the nicest things to say about our school and our students—about their generosity and the great turn-out.  I was so pleased for our community to showcase the generosity and caring that I witness every day.”


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