Paul Cuffee Middle Schoolers Visit Brown

Left image (left to right): Paul Cuffee Middle Schoolers Ivan Mejia, Yamil Rivas, Cristal Rivas, Jarell Garcia, Christopher Nieves, and Yenelsy Cepeda are greeted by the Brown Bear during their visit to Brown University’s 250th Anniversary “Day of Academic Discovery”. Right Image: PCS 7th graders Yamil Rivas and Cristal Rivas try their hands at testing reflexes under the direction of Dr. Bryant Faria, Brown Medical School, Class of 2014.

Paul Cuffee Middle Schoolers were invited to Brown University’s “Day of Academic Discovery and Exploration” for 250 7th and 8th grade students and teachers from across the state of Rhode Island. This event marked the beginning of Brown’s 250th anniversary celebration. The programming emphasized the value to society of education and higher education and the significance of advancing knowledge through teaching and research.

There were student performances, cultural events,workshops in areas such as art history, archaeology, bat flight,¨brainmapping¨ and more. Our students also enjoyed an opportunity to explore the college campus.


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