Nature’s Classroom

Photo courtesy of 4th grade teacher, Joseph Welsh.

During February break, the Paul Cuffee fourth grade team arranged for more than 100 elementary school students and their families to hike with two Audubon guides and some of their teachers at Neutaconkanut Hill in Providence.

Mr. Welsh, a fourth grade teacher and an outdoor enthusiast, brought his drone camera along to provide an even more impressive perspective of this beautiful conservancy, which is accessed from Plainfield Street on the border of Olneyville and the Silver Lake region of Providence.

Rich in local history, geology, woodlands and wildlife, the Great Hill of Neutaconkanut is a national treasure with several miles of hiking/walking trails that immerse us in nature’s classroom. The summit, which is 296 feet above sea level, provides spectacular views of the State of Rhode Island and its capital city. Our adventuresome hikers and their guides enjoyed hot chocolate and snacks at the top of the hill, thanks to PCS Annual Fund donations.

For more information about how you can visit and support the ongoing preservation of Neutaconkanut Hill, please go to: