The 5 B’s in Action

Be Reflective   |   Be Responsible   |   Be Scholarly   |   Be Supportive   |   Be Respectful

The 5 B’s, as they are affectionately known, are a daily practice at Paul Cuffee Upper School. When observed in action, they invite responses of encouragement, acknowledgement, and praise! One shining example of how the 5 B’s are embedded into the core values and leadership at the school is the Principal’s Cabinet. Ms. Schultz has been meeting with a group of students to address some ongoing challenges, including COVID fatigue and concerns about student engagement. Naturally supportive, the Principal’s Cabinet members will be actively applying some or all of the 5 B’s while conducting research on the impacts of chronic absenteeism that can be shared with their classmates. Which of the 5 B’s do you think they will be using when they initiate a gingerbread house decorating competition this month?

Members of the Principal’s Cabinet: Alan De La Cruz (12), Adriana Gutierrez (12), Bunmi Ogunmola (12), Ashley Oliva Arriaza (12), Lilly Medeiros (12), Mischael Paul (12), Faith Youe (12), Daniely Gonzalez (11), Beatriz Ortega (11), Precious Buwee (10), and Jennilyn Torres (10).