Realizing Inspiration & Sustaining Excellence (R.I.S.E)

Thanks to the visionary leadership and generosity of donors to the R.I.S.E. Scholarship Fund, ten Paul Cuffee Upper School (PCUS) students and six staff were able to attend this year’s women’s leadership conference in downtown Providence.
Conference attendees spent their whole day at the RI Convention Center learning about a broad range of topics and pathways to success from dynamic leaders in high growth industries across America. Inspirational keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshop facilitators offered diverse perspectives on career advancement, finances, giving back to the community, mentorship, talent development, gender parity, work-life balance, and workplace equality. Students enjoyed visiting with marketplace vendors in between programmed activities, and broadened their network of community resources. While riding the school’s new minibus back to the Upper School, students and staff expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to attend the conference and enthusiastically shared their insights with one another. Here are some excerpts from their testimonials:
“I love how inspirational the speeches were and how many different women could all connect at the event. It was so inspirational and it helped me to have confidence and get rid of my limited mindset.” Enetu Nelson ‘25
“I really loved and enjoyed being able to see lots of women in one place, uplifting each other and sharing their experiences.” Euphemia Thompson ‘25
“I enjoyed how many speakers shared stories of overcoming challenges. It reinforced the idea that resilience is a crucial trait for a leader…. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to my personal journey.” Mary Durowoju ‘24
“Thank you so much for this opportunity!” PCUS students and staff