Teaching and Learning at the Lower School
(Grades K-5)

Paul Cuffee Lower School embraces a hands-on, student-centered philosophy of learning. Because we keep class sizes small, teachers and students have an opportunity to work closely together and students can more easily learn to take care of themselves, one another, their school, and their planet.

We offer a stimulating, enriching, and engaging learning environment where students thrive. Our faculty is committed to determining how every child learns and grows and to providing the instruction and support that will help each child succeed. Students here are cared for, respected, and treated as unique individuals.

In addition to academics, we focus on developing and modeling important life skills such as social responsibility and personal initiative. We value the creativity and innovation of all stakeholders. Families are treated as partners in the educational process, and their feedback is welcomed and embraced.

The curriculum and grading at the Lower School are designed to help students succeed in meeting state and school standards of achievement.


Average class size: 18
Current enrollment: 774
Annual enrollment growth since 2001: 37%
Faculty with advanced degrees: 67%

"...the thing that PCS does so well from what I've seen over the years, namely, the teachers place significant emphasis on the importance of acts of kindness and service towards others, and they do so in a variety of ways, all of which create rich, meaningful experiences for the children at all grade levels."
Maia Aytac, Parent