Empty Bowls Fill Hearts

PCS Head of School Michael C. Obel-Omia, a regular contributor to local and national news outlets, published an article on the Empty Bowls event in the Providence Journal on November 23. The article, titled “Filling Empty Bowls at Cuffee,” read in part:

This month, members and guests of our elementary school gathered in our cafeteria to enjoy soup and bread, a symbolic Thanksgiving meal, as we were all grateful for the good work of the past few months. The occasion was our annual Empty Bowl project…

I love this event for several reasons, not the least of which is that we, as educators, are charged with inculcating our students with new skills, and this project allows us to do it well. 21st century skills, for positions and careers that don’t even exist yet, include being self-directed, being culturally aware and sensitive, communicating effectively, collaborating, managing information, showing compassion, and leading with empathy.