Students’ Project with Resident Artist Keith Munslow Honors Ida Lewis

Image of Ida Lewis from the Library of Congress

Cuffee first graders are writing a song with resident artist Keith Munslow this year. Their subject is a famous lighthouse keeper from Newport, named Ida Lewis. The Lime Rock Lighthouse, where Ida began saving lives at the age of twelve, has since become the home of the yacht club in Newport named for her courage. The 18 stars on the clubhouse flag represent the lives that were saved as a result of her fearless rescue efforts. Regarded as a local maritime hero, Ms. Lewis was awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal for her bravery in 1891 from the United States government.

The students’ work with Mr. Munslow and their teachers will culminate in an all-school performance and a trip to Newport to visit the place where Ida made history.