Celebrating 25 Years of Service!

On the afternoon of November 1st, a group of Paul Cuffee friends gathered in the lower school library to honor Barrett Hazeltine. Legendary for his all-weather, two-wheeled mode-of-transportation, and for his teaching excellence awards at Brown University, Barrett’s involvement and support of Paul Cuffee School began in the 1990’s when our school’s founder assembled an advisory group made up of local and national experts. Barrett’s name can be found among the school’s earliest contributors – along with Martha Newcomb, Ed Sherman, and Paul Cuffee School’s founding Board President, the late David Burnham.

Renowned for his humility, dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging demeanor, the ceremony for Barrett included a tribute speech and gift presented by former PCS Board President Joop Nagtegaal, who is also a Brown alum. Guests in attendance added their own stories to further define the generosity of spirit and character traits that best describe Barrett.

The program brought to light more than a quarter century of contributions by Barrett, including his involvement on the School’s Finance Committee, and the International Sailing Institute and Paul Cuffee School boards. 

We will remain eternally grateful to Barrett for his steadfast support; and for bringing together, in the spirit of celebration, many founding friends that helped to build the reputation and culture that distinguishes the Paul Cuffee School to this day.