Reading Rockstars!

Cuffee fifth graders, Jessica Leo-Jimenez and Elibel Cepeda Tapia, and third grader Nikhila Venkataraman have received medals to honor their advanced reading proficiency. To earn this distinction, each girl completed LexiaCore5 – an online instructional app that builds elementary students’ foundational reading skills in six key areas. These three girls have now advanced to Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®, which is designed to build skills for comprehending, analyzing, evaluating, and comparing increasingly complex literary and informational texts.

According to Brooke Beach, Lower School Teacher-in-Charge,“The glory of Lexia is that it can be done at home or at school, and it adapts to students’ mastery levels. So, for those who need remediation they get some of it through the program while others are advancing as soon as they’re ready. We’re thrilled to recognize Jessica, Elibel, and Nikhila’s achievements and expect many more students to be receiving their medals in the days and weeks ahead!”

Additional reading champions who have completed the Lexia 5 reading program:

  • Gabriella Sanchez, 5th grade
  • Jakey Welsh, 5th grade
  • Simeon Afolabi, 3rd grade
  • Nebeolisa Odih, 3rd grade
  • Violet Cambell, 3rd grade