Paul Cuffee Alumnus as Keynote Begins Inspiring New Graduation Tradition!

Images courtesy of Melissa Brightman of SkyStudio

The Class of 2024 celebrated their graduation on June 11 at Roberts Hall Auditorium on the Rhode Island College campus, surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of friends, faculty, and family. This year’s ceremony was marked by a special new tradition: the keynote address was delivered by Wesley Cabral, a distinguished alumnus from the Class of 2016.

The keynote’s address was poignant and timely, offering invaluable advice for navigating the challenges of today’s world. Wesley emphasized the importance of developing skills and talents, fostering meaningful relationships, and striving to make a positive impact on the world. His words resonated deeply and served as a reminder of the power of resilience, learning from mistakes, and staying true to one’s life purpose. The graduation ceremony highlighted students’ accomplishments and inspired the Class of 2024 as they embark on their future endeavors.

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