Paul Cuffee Wish List

Consider supporting one or more of our wish list items described below. Feel free to contact the development office for more information about any of these initiatives or other ways you can help the school. or 401-453-2626 x 118.


New technology is needed for our blended learning curriculum, and to ensure that every Paul Cuffee student can fulfill online standardized testing requirements by the time they enter third grade.

  • 63 New Chromebooks with protective covers for second grade classrooms.  
  • A portable locking Chromebook cabinet  with built in charging units for each building
  • 135 iPads for Kindergarten and First Grade students and their teachers.
  • 30 Headsets with microphones for students taking Advanced Placement Spanish.

Arts + Culture

To develop students’ talents and appreciation for the arts as they advance through the grades, we are seeking donations to the Paul Cuffee Arts + Culture Fund.  Your contributions will help us to provide:

  • Musical instruments for individual lessons and ensemble instruction
  • After school performing arts and music programs for middle and high schoolers
  • Honoraria for guest artists, authors, speakers, and musicians 
  • A portable microphone with battery charger and stand for each building
  • A high quality sound system (amplifier with speakers) for all school meetings, events and performances at each building
  • A high definition camcorder with 64GB memory and tripod for each building 
  • A portable stage for the elementary and upper school buildings to enhance performer visibility 
  • Funding for costumes, script rentals, guest artists, musicians, choreography, lighting and sets
  • Printing discounts and/or donations for programs, flyers, printed apparel, and posters.

Field Trips 

Gifts to the Paul Cuffee Field Trip Fund will help pay the admission fees and transportation costs to dozens of educational venues so that students in every grade can eagerly anticipate visiting the curriculum-linked programs that deepen their learning and expand their understanding of the world.


Donations make it possible to offer team sports like basketball, volleyball, track + field, softball and baseball, and add maritime-themed programs like rowing, sailing or swimming. Your contributions help the school pay for transportation to away games, coaching, uniforms, equipment and memberships so that students can afford to participate without excessive costs to their families.

School Meal Program

To help the school provide a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack for 800+ growing children, we are seeking  financial support from the extended community. A gift of $6.00 will help us feed one student for one school day. Multiply your donation by 5 days, 30 days, or 180 days and your charitable gift to the School Lunch Program will help us supply a Paul Cuffee student with their school meals for a whole week ($30.00), a month ($120.00) or an entire academic year ($1080.00). Every dollar you donate allows us to improve the quality of our School Lunch program, which directly benefits our students.

Funding for Furnishings and Equipment

  • Lab equipment, furnishings and supplies for the Upper School Science Department.
  • 24 Adjustable height stools and new tables for the Elementary School art room will help the teacher create more age-appropriate configurations for art making.
  • 4 new cedar picnic tables for outdoor activities at the lower school playground.
  • 70 pairs of goggles and science kit consumables for the middle school.
  • Improvements to the Upper School Visual Arts room storage systems will make more space for two and three dimensional projects.  
  • New phone systems, handsets, and conference call phones are needed at all three buildings
  • Two high volume new or refurbished copier machines are needed for each building.

K-12 Mindfulness Practices

Paul Cuffee School has engaged with the Center for Resilience in Providence to provide mindfulness training to students in kindergarten, 6thand 10thgrade. If money were no object – we would like to offer the proven benefits of this practice to every student in our school.  Please contact the development office to explore ways you can help. jkarahalis@paulcuffee.orgor 401-453-2626×118.

Gift Cards, Raffle Prizes + Event Tickets

  • Gift cards to local and online retailers make it easy for faculty and staff to purchase incidental supplies for special projects and events. 
  • Donating attention-grabbing raffle prizes for school events supports K-12 enrichment programs. 
  • Discounted and/or Free Tickets to cultural events and performances increase access to the arts. 

Lower School Recess Supplies + Equipment

We need new soccer and basketballs, jump ropes, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, board games, puzzles, books, and snacks that meet the USDA nutritional guidelines for indoor and outdoor recess periods.  


You can increase your company’s brand recognition by sponsoring one or more of the school’s annual events, athletics teams, or enrichment programs.  Please contact Julia Karahalis in the Development Office to determine which program would be the best investment for your organization this year! or 401-453-2626×118.

  • Reading Week
  • Guest Author or Artist
  • Middle and Upper School College Visits
  • Career Fair
  • Health + Wellness Expo
  • ArtShare
  • Boat Design Unit
  • Athletics Programs
  • College Visits