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PCS 8th Graders Learn First Hand about the Impact of the Holocaust

len As part of their unit on the Holocaust, 8th graders had the opportunity to hear from the son of an Auschwitz survivor. Len Newman visited Paul Cuffee Middle School to talk about his late father, David Newman, who survived the most notorious death

Paul Cuffee Middle and Upper School Artists Become “Gifts to the World”

streetpaintingftd Thirteen budding young artists, under the direction of art teachers Ms. Weigand (Middle School) and Ms. Stoos (Upper School), competed in the Providence Rotary’s annual Street Painting Festival at the Alex and Ani Skating Rink in Providence.

#300 Men Outstretch Their Hands in Welcome and Support

300men_ft2 OK, so there weren’t exactly 300 of them, but 20 men who are members of the 300MENri community lined the walkway into Paul Cuffee Upper School on Monday morning to greet each and every student who arrived.

Making a Mark

science_ft In 6th grade science, students have been learning about adaptation, and how an organism's internal and external structures support their survival and behaviors.

They’ve Got College on Their Minds

college_ft Thirty five Paul Cuffee 11th and 12th graders accompanied by Ms. Terry-Lo, Ms. Schultz, and Ms. Thoma joined thousands of other RI students in the 6th Annual College Fair at McCoy Stadium in...

New School Year in Full Gear

backtoschool Newly-waxed floors gleam, classrooms sport fresh paint, supplies have been ordered and stocked. All sure signs of back-to-school readiness. On Wednesday, September 2nd over 800 Paul Cuffee students poured through...

Summer Adventures

blockisland2 PCS students, through partnerships with several organizations, had the opportunity to test their sailing skills and learn about local habitats.

Paul Cuffee School Welcomes Class of 2029

kinder2015ft They are only 4 years old now but were welcomed into the Cuffee Community amidst the fanfare of a Book Giveaway, Story Time, Face Painting, and, most importantly, an Ice Cream Social.

PCS Lower School Students STEAM Ahead to Test the Laws of Physics

steam Add a dash of color, ribbon, pipe cleaners, glue, and glitter and you’ve added the A in Art to a STEM night - a night of family fun that weaves art into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

PCS Graduates Celebrate “Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Journeys to Plan” as they Begin Bright Futures

graduation15_ft Amid a sea of blue and white caps and gowns, balloons and flowers, Paul Cuffee School's second commencement class graduated from the Upper School at the Columbus Theatre in Providence on Tuesday night.

Average class size: 18
Current enrollment: 774
Annual enrollment growth since 2001: 37%
Faculty with advanced degrees: 67%

What makes this school special is that it reaches beyond books and academics. The emphasis on community and teamwork is amazing.

 Kelly Barr, PCS Staff